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Urgent Safety Notice - Hotpoint Tumble Dryer 23/02/2017

Following the Whirlpool Safety Notice in respect to Hotpoint Tumble Dryers, we have now contacted the majority of customers with Hotpoint Tumble Dryers that needed modifying or exchanging, however, there are a handful of customers that have not responded to us and we are still trying to contact them.  

Today we received an update from Whirlpool, which you may have seen in the News. Due to the risk of fire, customers that have not had their Hotpoint Dryer modified or exchanged MUST UNPLUG IT AND NOT USE IT UNTIL THE MODIFICATION OR EXCHANGE HAS TAKEN PLACE.

If you have not had your Hotpoint dryer exchanged or modified please, as a matter of urgency, ring us on 03705 134 333.

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